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Luno Login utilizes shared innovation to work with installments that require no focal position to work. People who contribute processing capacity to the Bitcoin organization, otherwise called...

In simple words, Luno can be defined as a fiat/crypto to cryptocurrency trading exchange. The cryptocurrency exchange connects traders interested in buying/selling digital assets. Known for its lower fees and the support for local currencies make Luno one of the most popular crypto trading platforms.

How Does Luno Work?

Among the primary reasons to check Luno login reviews is to understand its work more. Luno also provides services similar to Binance. It helps users that want to trade cryptos instead of merely buying and storing them. To simply put, the exchange allows Bitcoin exchange against five types of fiat currencies, namely:

  • Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

  • Euro (EUR)

  • Nigerian Naira (NGN)

  • Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

  • South African Rand (ZAR)

It also trades with ETH (Ethereum) and uses Luno Brokerage Services to offer the market price. The brokerage solution also facilitates quick cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and ETH) purchase and sale at the stated price. You can quickly open business accounts on Luno to accept crypto-based payments from other customers.

Moreover, customers can also trade, purchase, and sell cryptocurrency using the account. PayU, the well-known South African eCommerce payment tycoon, backs it, improving its chances to flourish in the future.

Is Luno Regulated?

No, the exchange isn’t directly regulated. Since the cryptocurrency market itself isn’t regulated yet, Luno does not possess the property either. Most countries do not even permit cryptocurrencies, so any government does not back them. However, the exchange falls under the pro-regulation of the Central Bank of Malaysia.

It is registered with the bank, which acts as the reporting authority for cryptos. “Is Luno safe” or “Is Luno legit” are common first questions every trader faces after learning about its legal regulation. The answer will still be a “yes.” Even without a traditional regulatory system backing it, Luno is still a secure trading platform.

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